What to Look for When Buying an Electric Bike

Potential buyers should assess several important features when considering the purchase of an electric bike to ensure they select a model that meets their specific needs.

The four most important things to consider are class, motor, battery, and features.

E-Bike Classes

ClassMax SpeedAdditional Notes
Class 1 Pedal Assist up to 20 mph Allowed on most bike paths and trails
Class 2 Throttle Assist up to 20 mph Legal status varies depending on local regulations.
Class 3 Pedal Assist up to 28 mphLegal status varies depending on local regulations.

E-Bike Motors

Motor TypeBenefits
Mid-Drive Feels more balanced, mirrors the natural pedal stroke,
Hub-DriveMore affordable

Motor Power

Motor Power EfficiencyRangeTorque
Lower Wattage ( 250W ) HighLongerLow
Higher Wattage ( 500W+ )MediumShorterHigh

E-Bike Batteries

Battery PlacementBenefits
Internal RemovableCleaner Bike Lines
Internal Non-RemovableCleaner Bike Lines
ExternalEasily Removable

E-Bike Range

The range of your e-bike will depend on the amount of pedal assistance you use.

The more you use it, the lower the range.

The less pedal assistance you use, the longer the range.

E-Bike Controllers

The controller is the thing that powers the bike on and off and helps you choose the amount of assistance you like.

It also shows a lot of information like speed, range, etc.

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